There's alot to fit in to our time with pupils.

Smart lesson planning makes sure that knowledge, skills, attitudes & values are delivered simultaneously rather than one after the other. There is never enough time to do everything. There is always enough time to do the most important things.

For example, we could

A) spend the first 5 minutes of a lesson settling the children, handing out books and copying down the learning objective. Or...

B) spend the first 5 minutes of a lesson working alone, then talking in pairs, then writing in small groups: working out the best caption for an image directly linked to the learning objective.

A) involves writing and copying and subject knowledge
B) involves independece, working together, thinking skills, visual thinking, subject knowledge, speaking & listening and writing

Example smart lessons ideas:

1-2-3 Starter:
1 minute individually writing down a caption for an image on the IWB
2 minutes sharing with partner and writing down a better caption
3 minutes sharing in a small group and choosing the best caption
Feedback from each group reporter

Mike's slides: